Digital Payments


Optimising Digital Payments Using Blockchain Technology

There is an involvement of several third-parties in executing a digital payment, such as: know your client (KYC) verification, an

Digital Payments

B2B Digital Payments 2021 – Is It The End of Check Payments?

In 2021, many businesses transitioned completely to digital platforms for their B2B payments. The move towards digital payments was a

Digital Payments

An Insight Into The Global Prepaid Card Industry

An Insight into The Global Prepaid Card Industry Prepaid cards have been part of the payment industry for a long

Digital Payments

Digital Payments – The Future of Payments

Digital payments increased significantly in 2020. According to Visa’s Back to Business study, 78% of global consumers modified their payment

Digital Payments

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), Is It Feasible?

‘Buy Now Pay Later’ is currently the most popular form of digital payment. The economic downturn brought in by the

Digital Payments