Due Diligence

We provide due diligence consulting services on payments and financial services companies

We conduct commercial and technical due diligence on banking and payments assets to guide the investment decisions of private equity and venture capital investors as well as corporations

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Commercial Due Diligence

Within commercial due diligence a sampling of the areas we assess include:

Market Drivers

Identify factors that could potentially influence its standing in the future, e.g., attractiveness of the industry, technology trends, regulatory environment, shifting customer needs, etc.

Competitor Landscape

Understand the relative position of the target company in the market, and benchmark against competitors on performance, new products and initiatives, marketing and sales efforts, market dominance, etc.

Customers & Suppliers

Assess the strength of the target company’s relationships with customers and suppliers, particularly those that account for a significant proportion of their growth, the stability of those relationships, current market segments being targeted and the plans for growing those segments

Product Value Proposition & Innovation

Analyse current product suite and product roadmap for the future, and validate against customer needs


Understand current pricing structure, benchmark against competitors where possible and assess feasibility of potential changes to pricing strategy.

Marketing & Sales

Assess marketing strategies and key partnerships, customer acquisition channels, customer retention, etc.

Business Plan Assupmtions & Feasibility

Review target business plans, test assumptions of top-line growth, operating margins and costs, and benchmark against industry averages.


Evaluate any synergies that exist, on both revenues and costs, that the acquirer or investor could unlock

Technical (IT) Due Diligence

Within technical due diligence a sampling of the areas we assess include:

Technology Architecture

Assessment of hardware and operating systems, software, licenses held, network and infrastructure, hosting environment, monitoring tools, etc.

Security & Compliance

System vulnerabilities, firewalls, data encryption and compliance with regulatory requirements, PCI compliance (if applicable), etc.

Intellectual Property Assessment

Review of patents, trademarks, copyrights and any software escrow deposits

Scalability & Resilience

Processing capabilities, product development roadmaps, software maintenance, QA and testing process, current and future staffing plans

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Service level agreements and uptime, business continuity, disaster recovery and backup policies

Customer Support

Product usage by customers, technical support processes

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Sample Engagements

Our experience spans due diligence engagements across mobile banking, digital banking, phone payments, mobile payments,payment processing, blockchain applications, mobile wallets, money transfer platforms among many others:

Commercial and technical due diligence on money transfer platform
Conducted due diligence on FX and money transfer platforms for global private equity investor and its portfolio company
Technical due diligence on payments and banking platform
Conducted technical due diligence on a payments and banking platform for a private equity investor based in Western Europe
Commercial evaluation of a leading POS payments player
Assessed management, technology platform and product roadmap of a major POS payments company for a global conglomerate
Commercial and IT due diligence on loyalty, payments and analytics platform
Conducted commercial and technical due diligence for an EMEA based venture capital investor with a focus on retail and ecommerce systems
Digital banking platform commercial and technology due diligence
Completed commercial and technology due diligence on a challenger banking platform for a tier one global bank
Payment gateway and mobile wallet vendor due diligence
Evaluated product, financial, technical capabilities of white label mobile wallet vendors and payments providers for a Middle Eastern retailing and financial services conglomerate

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