Technical Due Diligence: A Checklist [PDF]

January 2020 | Article


In today’s digitized world, technology can make or break a business. This is especially true in the fintech and payments space, as the underlying technology has to securely store personal user data and financial data, as well as execute transactions on behalf of the user. A failure to do a stringent technical due diligence (TDD) could result in overlooked vulnerabilities and gaps in security that could result in catastrophic data breaches and fraudulent activity.

As experts in the fintech and payments sector, Penser has provided end-to-end IT due diligence services to clients that have helped them make informed decisions regarding their investments. Penser’s technical due diligence covers 100+ core aspects of the business’s IT infrastructure, and ensures that our clients are not faced with surprises after their investment.

To give you an understanding of what is broadly covered in TDD, we’ve shared a checklist that you can download for free. This can give you a good foundation when looking to either hire a TDD partner, or when a company is doing their technical due diligence on your business.

Click here to download your FREE copy of the Penser technical due diligence checklist!

Technical Due Diligence Checklist PDF