In 2014, the amount invested in WealthTech globally was US$ 928.6 million. However, by 2018 – a scant five years later – that number has almost quintupled, with total valuation globally hitting US$ 4.6 billion across 220 deals. What’s just as staggering is that this was an increase of 66% from 2017.

Global WealthTech investment 2014-2018

When we dive a little deeper and look at the data for the UK, we can see just how WealthTech has grown in the market. Over the same 5 years, investment in WealthTech in the UK has increased by a factor of 7, hitting a massive £819.9 million in 2018. In fact, in just the first quarter of 2019, investments have already £384.8 million, implying that this year is likely to hit even higher numbers.

WealthTech investments in the UK has increased by a factor of 7

Some of the largest WealthTech players in the EU market today* are:

  1. UK-based Nutmeg, valued at $317 million,
  2. Moneyfarm, another UK-based WealthTech firm, valued at over $300 million, and
  3. Germany’s Scalable Capital, valued at over $200 million.


*Source: Invyo Insights

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