A Digital Banking Engagement Platform (DBEP) is a platform that supports banks in their digital transformation journeys. DBEPs provide the infrastructure that allows legacy systems to be digitized and optimized for today’s customers and can also act as a bridge that connects with new innovative fintech solutions.

The key to a good DBEP is the ability to enhance the customer’s experience with the bank, engaging them more and ensuring that they receive the support they need in an efficient and effective manner. DBEPs provide flexibility and the ability to make data-based decisions for banks, while also ensuring that data and transactions remain securely protected.

We take a look at three of the major players in the market, and how they’ve established themselves as leaders.


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A subsidiary of Infosys, EdgeVerve has developed a strong reputation for itself on the back of its wide banking capabilities and robust architecture. Their Finacle Digital Engagement Suite is an omnichannel solution that helps banks onboard, sell, service and engage with all their customers.

The solution suite comprises a unified engagement hub, decoupled user interaction architecture, an innovative app center that leverages the extensive open APIs they provide, scalable offerings and a flexible component-based structure that allows clients to adapt the suite to their specific needs. This allows them to not only support retail, business and corporate clients quickly, but also offer them sophisticated pricing options. EdgeVerve provides a SaaS-like delivery model, which allow for easy upgrades both on-premises and through the cloud, making it easy to support clients anywhere.

While an extremely capable platform, EdgeVerve does not currently offer languages and regulatory support. However, because it offers solutions that can be mixed and matched to their client’s requirements, they are able to provide both a full-service DBEP solution, as well as more specific solutions that can cover any gaps in their client’s digital transformation.


digital banking platforms penser

Backbase offers an omni-channel banking platform that connects data and functionality from legacy systems with new fintech offerings in a seamless digital experience.  With a strong digital banking backbone supported by REST APIs and developer SDKs, scalable components, quick and agile deployment, and a modular architecture, Backbase can easily be customised to its customer’s requirements. Backbase has also partnered with Mambu, a SaaS banking engine, and they jointly deliver an end-to-end digital banking platform.

With its ability to provide off-the-shelf solutions, Backbase is able to provide solutions for retail banking, SME banking, corporate banking and wealth management. However, they do not offer dynamic pricing, which may be a concern for some clients.


digital banking platforms penser

A relatively new entrant in the market, Temenos has quickly established itself as a market leader with its strong banking capabilities and impressive architecture. Temenos Infinity, their DBEP solution, is a cloud native, cloud agnostic, API-first, and design-led solution that can support retail, business and corporate banking clients. Temenos Infinity had also acquired Avoka in 2018, integrating it as Journey Manager in its solutions suite, which enables clients to quickly acquire and onboard new customers.

Temenos’s solutions boast very effective off-the-shelf capabilities that easily support retail, business and corporate banking clients, including analytical capabilities that allow for continuous analysis and iterations. They have developed the capability to rapidly deliver and upgrade services both on-premises and in the cloud, and have a clear road map for both functional and architectural development. However, Temenos is not yet fully microservices-based, and still needs to work on optimization of its available development resources.

DBEPs are increasingly establishing themselves as integral parts of the new digital banking ecosystem, with legacy banks relying on them to bolster their digital transformation journey. Each of the above players boasts an impressive roster of banking clients across the world, and of varying sizes.

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