This is the second infographic in our Digital Challenger Banks in Europe series. Check out our infographics about mobile-only digital challenger banks in Europe offering personal accounts below:

2018 | 2019

We explore the different services and the product suite offered for freelancers and self-employed banking with N26 Business, Coconut, CountingUp, and ANNA Money below:

Penser Digital Challenger Banks for Freelancers and Self Employed

The major features offered by these four digital banks include:

  • Automatic invoicing — while N26 Business does not offer any invoicing service, ANNA Money and Coconut offer multiple invoices per month.
  • Coconut and CountingUp offer automated bookkeeping software, including special provisions and features for those needing accountant services.
  • With the exception of CountingUp, all of the banks offer spending categorizations, and all four offer spending notifications.


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