The dynamic nature of the FinTech industry means it can get a tad difficult to keep up with events and happenings occasionally. We’ve got a short but useful list of websites that you can regularly check to keep yourself updated on the latest in FinTech:

1. Finextra

Finextra is a leading global newswire and information source

Finextra is a leading global newswire and information source, offering readers constant updates about the financial services and banking industry. Finextra also publishes white papers, case studies and research articles in the field of technology across wholesale and retail banking, capital markets and insurance.

2. The Paypers

The Paypers provides insights into global payments

The Paypers provides insights into new initiatives and developments into global payments. The site offers real-time news updates, research reports, market guides along with a company profiles database for information about companies providing services in the payment sector.

3. The FinTech Times

The Fintech Times offers insight and updates on FinTech happenings

The digital alternative to the physical newspaper with the same name, The FinTech Times offers insight and updates on happenings within the domains of payments innovation, RegTech, banking transformation, AI, cryptocurrencies, WealthTech, Cybersecurity, Insurtech etc.

4. Pymnts

Pymnts chronicles developments in the payments and commerce

Pymnts chronicles the news and initiatives from “retail reinvention to the Internet of Things”, for readers wanting to keep up to date with developments in the payments and commerce in the FinTech scene. The site is both innovator and expert-driven so there is a vast range of opinion pieces, research articles etc. contributed by professionals in the industry.

5. Financial News

Financial News focuses on financial trends currently shaping the UK-Europe

Seven of the world’s 29 FinTech start-up unicorns are currently based in London, making it the second city after San Francisco’s nine start-ups. Financial News (London) offers professionals and companies alike a way to keep an eye on trends currently shaping the UK-Europe financial services and technology industry.

6. FinTech Futures

FinTech Futures keeps readers up-to-date of any developments in FinTech

Along with global news about the banking sector, FinTech Futures also keeps readers abreast of any developments in the FinTech and PayTech sectors, along with providing updates RegTech, InsurTech and WealthTech sectors for a holistic understanding of what’s changing in the industry.

7. American Banker

American Banker provides a comprehensive overview of banking news

Don’t be misled by the name. American Banker provides a comprehensive overview on global news. Keeping readers updated on innovation, transformation, and disruption; technology, regulation, and reform, they also offer a paid subscription for those who want to access op-eds and research papers.

8. Penser News

If you’re not into minute-by-minute news updates and only want to be in the loop for key events in the industry, Penser News offers articles on a variety of current topics along with infographics, case-studies and research articles for both professionals and those starting out. The Penser FinTech News Roundups are fortnightly compilations of major happenings in the field of financial services, digital banking and payments technology.


Penser is a specialist consulting firm focused on FinTech, payments and open banking. We provide strategic planning, digital transformation, and due diligence services.


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